[Mailman-Users] Simple 'HOWTO' for usenet news <-> mailman gateway

peter at phmb.biz peter at phmb.biz
Fri Apr 16 05:02:09 CEST 2004

I asked about this a week or so ago and the answer was that I couldn't do
much as the config files were in secure parts of linux and I only have
cpanel access to a hosted system.

However the good news is I have a friendly support team hosting the system
and they have said that they are happy to set it all up for me if they
have the right config information! This is excellent news, but I haven't
got a system to test it on at the moment and I haven't set this up myself
before. I've had a look and can only find that there is a cron job that
needs to run to pick up the news and send it to the list and that's about

Is there a simple HOWTO anywhere that describes what I need to tell the
support person? Ideally I would like to set it up so that:

- There is a log file somewhere like /tmp that I can access to see what
problems there are in connection, downloads or other parts of the
- have a line entry for cron that will run the right script to set up the

As far as I know, all I need to connect to the news server is to have the
following entries in the right place:

Server: news.abc.def
Port: 119
Check Frequency: 10 minutes
Authentication: No
Name: Listname
EMail Address: List address (or address the news server is happy with)

What do I need to tell my support person given the above?

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