[Mailman-Users] Re: changes to mailman/var/lists/list/en/custom.html not taking

Thomas M. Parris parris at isciences.com
Fri Apr 16 16:02:43 CEST 2004


Thanks for your reply.  I truly appreciate it.

Unfortunately, restarting mailman did not alter the behavior.  I now realize
that my original message may have been a bit ambiguous. So, I will try to be
more precise this time.

1. I am running mailman 2.1.3 on Solaris 8.

2. I used https://host/mailman/create to create a new list -- "tomtest"
(Note, we put all of the admin stuff under https to add a level of password

3. I used https://host/mailman/edithtml/tomtest/listinfo.html to alter the
html for the "general list information page."  This change took effect
immediately. So far so good. (p.s. I was alo able to use Apache 2's filter
capability to embed php code -- cool!).

4. I used https://host/mailman/edithtml/tomtest/subscribe.html to alter the
html for the "subscribe results page."  This change took effect immediately.
So far so good.

5. I used https://host/mailman/edithtml/tomtest/options.html to alter the
html for the "user specific options page."  This is the change that does not
take.  If I revisit/reload the page, I see the changed html.

	a. If I poke around in <prefix>/var/lists/tomtest/en/*.html, I see the
altered html.
	b. But https://host/mailman/options/tomtest/parris%40isciences.com still
shows the "out of the box" html. (yes, this user is indeed subscribed).
	c. I've tried restarting mailman as you suggest, (<prefix>/bin/mailmanctl
restart), but this does not help.

5. At this point, my only thought is to try with 2.1.4 and see if this was a
bug that has been fixed.  though, in general, I assume that I am at fault
before I blame the code. (And I don't see any evidence of a bug in the
sourceforge bug tracker).

-- Tom

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Thomas M. Parris wrote:
>I've been working on customizing the public html pages for one of my lists.
>I've succesfully changed the html for the "general list infomraiton page"
>and the "subscribe results page."  I've also changed the html for the "user
>specific options page."  However, when I load this page, I still see the
>"out of the box" code.
>I've looked in mailman/var/lists/<list>/en and found the listinfo.html,
>options.html, and subscribe.html templates.  These templates all reflect my
>changes through the list managers interface.
>Any pointers to what I've done wrong, or needs additional attention would
>greatly appreciated.

<prefix>/mailman/bin/mailmanctl restart

Note also that changes to files that are involved in the archives will also
require you to send a post to the archives.

<>< Paul

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