[Mailman-Users] mysterious admin and listinfo page behavior

scaryfast at flyingmug.com scaryfast at flyingmug.com
Mon Apr 19 02:58:44 CEST 2004

ok..searched the archives and didnt find a match...lets see if anyone can help.

if i go to http://domainname.com/mailman/admin

I get results that say there are no publicly listed lists....even though there

then if I go to http://domainname.com/mailman/admin/test

I get the opportunity to administer the test mailing list...I login and then log
back out.

Now I then follow the link "Overview of all flyingmug.com mailing lists" which
directs me to http://domainname.com/mailman/listinfo

I get all the lists that are public..."Below is a listing of all the public
mailing lists on..."

Why can I only see public lists after ive logged into a public list.

Thanks in advance.

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