[Mailman-Users] Cpanel is trying to work on a couple of MailmanIssues - but We Need Help

texas critter texascritter at ditb.net
Sat Apr 24 22:20:54 CEST 2004

Lloyd F. Tennison wrote:

> We have the senior programmer at Cpanel trying to solve a couple
> of issues,
> *   that no uncaught bounces exist with lists with over 20,000
>     (obviously wrong) with personalization on.
> *   That Challenge/Verfiies disappear with personalization on, etc.

Lloyd, are you getting uncaught bounces on lists *under* 20,000 list
members?  After you posted about this problem, I set up a filter in my
email to catch *any* uncaught bounce notices on all Mailman lists I run or
help run.  And I'm not seeing *any* uncaught bounces even on my 1,200+ list
which usually generates at least a few AOL "this user is not accepting mail
from" messages and there have been a bunch of posts to that list and I've
got nothing.

I'm on cPanel too, I'm wondering if this is a cPanel bug in Mailman that's
affecting *all* lists?

Is there any further info from them about this issue?  And I guess I'll
wander over to the cPanel forums and see if there's any news there...

texas critter

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