[Mailman-Users] exporting real name list

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Sun Apr 25 22:40:22 CEST 2004

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Paul Phillips wrote:
> I have a mailing list where real names are quite important.  I need
> to be able to output the entire list of member addresses alongside
> their real names.  I imagined list_members would have a flag to do
> this now that real names are stored somewhere, but I can't see a way
> to do it.

$ list_members -h | grep -i names
    --fullnames / -f
        Include the full names in the output.

> The web interface does not seem to provide any way to see the entire
> membership at once or I could probably parse it out of the HTML
> (though that would seem to be needlessly laborious.)

In addition to the who command that Lloyd noted, you can also get the
full membership list via the web interface on the listinfo page.  I
really don't know why this isn't also linked in the admin GUI, but
it's not.

> Am I missing something simple?

Hopefully you just overlooked the -f option and it does what you want.

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