[Mailman-Users] Mailman with Zope at 80 port?

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Sat Apr 24 23:48:46 CEST 2004

On 24 Apr 2004, at 18:38, Alex wrote:

> Hello All
> How install Mailman if Zope at the 80 port is a single web-server at 
> the linux box?
>  Can the Zope instance  be used (how?) or  another web-server is 
> mandatory? If another http-server is installed at the  port other than 
>  80  wouldn't it cause problems?
> THX in advance.

Any HTTP server is potentially usable for Mailman if it can:

1. run scripts conforming to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), so 
that Mailman's web GUI interface scripts can get run.

2. serve static HTML pages from the file system, so that pages which 
have been generated by MM's built-in pipermail archiver can be 
delivered (assuming you want to use those archiving facilities of MM)

but you may have to figure out how to set up your chosen HTTP server's 
configuration file to get thing working unless it uses the same sort of 
settings as Apache.

BUT, as far as I know, Zope is not a general purpose HTTP server which 
will run CGI scripts or deliver static HTML pages in this way; rather 
it can be characterised as a specialised application framework that 
offers an HTTP interface.

You are right about not being able to have two HTTP servers listening 
on the same port for incoming connections but running a second (Apache 
for instance) server on an alternative port number, such as 8080, and 
delivering Mailman's web interface and archive through this is no 
fundamental problem; you just have to get the Apache and Mailman 
configuration files set up right.

Personally, and for a variety of reasons including my views/concerns 
about web server security, I would run Apache on port 80, in which case 
the Mailman stuff becomes no problem, and have Apache proxy incoming 
requests destined for Zope; I believe this approach to running Zope 
behind Apache is not uncommon, can be done in several ways and is 
documented in the Zope source release files but do not cite me on this 
view - check for yourself, search the archives of or post to a Zope 
support list.

> ----
> Best regards,
> Alexander N. Chelnokov
> Ural Scientific Institute of
> Traumatology and Orthopaedics
> 7, Bankovsky str.
> Ekaterinburg
> 620014 Russia

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