[Mailman-Users] Using a hostname other than the server's primary name...

Steffen Mueller mailman-users at xonx.de
Wed Apr 28 21:56:30 CEST 2004

On 04/28/04 18:45 Roedel, Mark wrote:
> Brief Overview:
> ===============
> The box that currently hosts our Mailman lists has several different
> hostnames, some of which (including its primary) are only resolvable
> from inside our firewall.  While Mailman is configured to prefer a
> non-primary hostname, generated emails include the primary hostname in
> some of their headers (including "Sender", "Return-path", and
> "Reply-to"), resulting in the use of addresses which are undeliverable
> from outside our local network.
> Is it possible to override this behavior?


Check your MTA configuration for missing domain/name directives.

We're using exim 3.35 and had similar problems. After adding a domain 
directive to the mailman director our probs were solved:
domains = lists.letu.edu


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