[Mailman-Users] Using a hostname other than the server's primaryname... (additional information)

Steve Williams steve at celineandsteve.com
Wed Apr 28 22:49:03 CEST 2004


I am very new to Mailman and ran into the same problem.  I resolved it 
by doing my configure with:

./configure --with-mailhost=maillisthost.com 

then make, make install, and it resolved the problem! 

Good Luck..


Roedel, Mark wrote:

>Thanks for the responses...hopefully I'll be able to massage them into
>something useful.
>I was skeptical that the problem pointed to an MTA configuration issue,
>because I got the same set of headers when I changed SMTPHOST in my
>mm_cfg.py from 'localhost' to point to another of our SMTP servers.
>(Both the Mailman server and the other one I'd tried are running
>However, on a whim, I just changed it to direct outbound messages to our
>Exchange server's SMTP service, and everything seems to be peachy-keen.
>Harrumph.  So far I've got suggested directives for Exim and
>Postfix...anybody slogged through this with Sendmail before and have a
>Mark Roedel
>Web Programmer / Analyst
>LeTourneau University
>Longview, Texas  USA
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>Subject: [Mailman-Users] Using a hostname other than the server's
>Brief Overview:
>The box that currently hosts our Mailman lists has several different
>hostnames, some of which (including its primary) are only resolvable
>from inside our firewall.  While Mailman is configured to prefer a
>non-primary hostname, generated emails include the primary hostname in
>some of their headers (including "Sender", "Return-path", and
>"Reply-to"), resulting in the use of addresses which are undeliverable
>from outside our local network.
>Is it possible to override this behavior?
>Detailed Information:
>The primary hostname of the server which hosts our Mailman lists is
>"baruch.letnet.net".  For a number of reasons, this hostname is not
>resolvable from outside our firewall.
>This server has additional hostnames ("www.letu.edu" and
>"lists.letu.edu") which are resolvable and accessible from outside our
>Lists are configured with host_name (Host name this list prefers for
>email) set to "lists.letu.edu".
>An e-mail sent through the list, however, gets headers which include the
>>From: "Roedel, Mark" <MarkRoedel at letu.edu>
>>X-BeenThere: deck3 at lists.letu.edu
>>X-Mailman-Version: 2.1.5c2
>>Reply-To: Deck 3 alumni and friends <deck3 at baruch.letnet.net>
>>List-Id: Deck 3 alumni and friends <deck3.lists.letu.edu>
>>List-Unsubscribe: <http://www.letu.edu/mail/lists/listinfo/deck3>,
>>	<mailto:deck3-request at lists.letu.edu?subject=unsubscribe>
>>List-Archive: <http://www.letu.edu/mail/lists/private/deck3>
>>List-Post: <mailto:deck3 at lists.letu.edu>
>>List-Help: <mailto:deck3-request at lists.letu.edu?subject=help>
>>List-Subscribe: <http://www.letu.edu/mail/lists/listinfo/deck3>,
>>	<mailto:deck3-request at lists.letu.edu?subject=subscribe>
>>Sender: deck3-bounces at baruch.letnet.net
>>Errors-To: deck3-bounces at baruch.letnet.net
>>Return-Path: deck3-bounces at baruch.letnet.net
>Any way (using the SMTPDirect handler, in case that matters) to ensure
>that all headers that refer to the list address use the correct
>hostname?  Reply-To is the most visible problem for list subscribers,
>and although I can of course override that by providing an explicit
>reply-to address, it seems like it'd also be to our benefit to have
>Sender/Errors-To/Return-Path contain reachable addresses as well...
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