[Mailman-Users] Mailman Domain Problem

ionum ionum at gmx.de
Sun Aug 1 16:15:29 CEST 2004


i have installed Mailman and i have a Domain Problem

I have a server with some Domains.

The first Domain is pxxxxxxxxx.pureserver.info

The Domain a want to have as sender in the mailinglist is

If i create a new mailinglist with the webinterface, then
i can change the domain from pxxxxxxxxx.pureserver.info
to senddomain.de

After changing the prefered domain i send a e-mail to
list-subscribe at senddomain.de
That didnt work

If i send a e-mail to
list-subscribe at pxxxxxxxxx.pureserver.info
then i recieve a mail from mailman

The sender E-Mail Adress is then
list-subscribe at senddomain.de

I don't understand why i change the domain in the
webinterface and then the old domain where used.

nice sunday

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