[Mailman-Users] setgroups in mailmanctl

Dave Stern - Former Rocket Scientist dave at umiacs.umd.edu
Mon Aug 2 20:58:43 CEST 2004

I have two versions of mailman (2.0.13 and 2.1.5) with a technique to
move and repoint some lists from the older to the newer. The newer has
httpd running as user/group nobody and mm built --with-mail-gid=other.
The webpage is accessible and sending mail to the lists works
fine as well. check_perms checks out, partition with MM has SUID enabled.

When running "$MAILMAN/bin/mailmanctl start", I see in the MM logfile
      Warning: unable to setgroups([14999, 14999])

(14999:14999 is user/group mailman)
Can I safely ignore this message seeing how all functionality
indeed works? (Is this a known bug? I see talk of the same type
of prob within the archives but most appear to be where mail will
not be sent out)


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