[Mailman-Users] Is it possible to customize e-mail command request text?

Ben Swihart bswihart at minuswired.com
Mon Aug 9 23:46:13 CEST 2004


I have found the /templates/ directory and this is very helpful for
customizing certain things.  Also, I am getting pretty familiar with the
administrative interface to mailman v. 2.1.3, but I don't think I can
edit e-mail command request messages.

I am setting up mailman to be managed via e-mail.  I would like to
customize the subscription and unsubscription confirm/acknowledge
e-mails that are sent when you execute an e-mail command.  For example,
if I wish to subscribe via e-mail, here is what I get:

Subject: The results of your e-mail command
Attached: original mail
Body: The results of your email command are provided below. Attached is
your original message.

- Results:
    Subscription request succeeded.

- Done.

I'd really much rather just simply have an e-mail like this one:

Subject: Your request is complete!
Attached: nothing
Body: Your request is complete:  Subscription request succeeded.

Any suggestions?  I looked into editing the mailman.po and compiling it
with "msgfmt" but I wasn't sure which one to edit (or which text editor
for that matter... Emacs seems to freak out).


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