[Mailman-Users] From address to virtual domain with Sendmail

Fran Boon flavour at partyvibe.com
Tue Aug 10 11:49:59 CEST 2004

Fran Boon wrote:
 > I am using mailman-2.1.5 on RedHat Enterprise 3 (Sendmail-8.12)
 > I wish to configure mailman to use an alias for access: lists.dom.ain
 > (This is done so that I can move the service to another machine 
later, > if I so wish)
 > I have set DEFAULT_URL_HOST & DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST to lists.dom.ain & 
  > the Web interface & inbound mails all work fine.
 > However outgoing mails from the list appear as Sent by: 
  > list-bounces at host.dom.ain
 > Admin mails come From: list-owner at host.dom.ain
 > My guess is that this is more of a sendmail issue than a mailman 
  > issue, but it would be nice to know whether anyone has got this 
   > working.


I managed to get some excellent support from the sendmail-questions list.
The answer was that the lists.dom.ain was set as a CNAME.
Switching this to an 'A' record has enabled the rewriting to work as 
expected :)

Hope this is useful for the archives...


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