[Mailman-Users] BIG discard problem

David Relson relson at osagesoftware.com
Wed Aug 11 01:38:23 CEST 2004

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 18:22:06 -0500
Eric Schmitz wrote:

> Robert,
>     This is probably a really dirty way to go about it, but I've done 
> this before and it worked, and without hosing the system. This worked 
> with version 2.1.2. I haven't tried it with 2.1.5, because there's a 
> "discard all marked defer" option, and I haven't let the queue stack
> up. But I've killed over 4000 held messages at a shot by doing this
> with 2.1.2.
>     Go to the mailman/data directory, and delete all 
> heldmsg-yourlistname-*.pck files. Then go to your admindb page. You'll
> probably still see the listing of all the thousands of held messages. 
> Click "submit all data", and they should disappear.
>     *Use at your own risk*! This feels like something of a hack to me,
> but you seem a little desperate. ;-)
> -Eric Schmitz

With 2.1.5 there's a "Discard all messages marked Defer" checkbox. I use
that, followed by the "Submit All Data" button.  Seems that's all that's


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