[Mailman-Users] BIG discard problem

David Relson relson at osagesoftware.com
Wed Aug 11 18:10:19 CEST 2004

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 11:50:06 -0400
Robert Echlin wrote:


> The page timed after about 15 minutes, and the python process
> disappeared.
> So I deleted the mailman/data/heldmsg-yourlistname-*.pck files - and I
> had to delete them in stages, as the infamous  "Argument list too
> long" message bit me.
> And now I tried again and it timed out again after another 15 minutes.
> What next?
> Robert

Hi Robert,

We're way beyond my knowledge of mailman at this point !  However, I've
got some alternate ideas from browser usage and web site development. 
Note:  liberally apply grains of salt to these ideas - they're untested.

The 15 minute timeout is likely your browser deciding the web server is
b0rked.  Very possibly the web server just has too much to do.  The
browser is running one of mailman's python scripts so it can display the
generated html.  

Idea 1:  Separate the time to run the script from browser display, i.e.
manually run the python script with appropriate arguments and save the
output to a file.  Put the file on your web server and use the browser
to display it.  Click on the appropriate buttons and you're done.

Idea 2: Find the html source code for the "pending requests" page and
locate the "discard all deferred items" checkbox.  Determine which
script gets run and the appropriate arguments.  Then run the script from
the command line.

Good luck.


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