[Mailman-Users] question

Tanner Woodford tanner at macomb.com
Sun Aug 8 23:04:46 CEST 2004

Hello there,

I am interested in using Mailman, but have a few quick questions.

One, is it easily customizable? Meaning I can change the 
wording/backgrounds/etc after it's uploaded? (Maybe Open Source is the 
term I'm searching for.)

Two, We already have a list set up, can I import about 6,000 contacts 
into the mailman software?

Three, Since our list is so large, I was wondering if there is any way 
to control how many emails are sent out per hour..We're only allowed to 
send out 800. Is that possible?

If these things are indeed impossible, Could someone please recommend 
software that would be helpful to me?

I'm willing to pay for mailing list services.

Thanks in advance,

Tanner Woodford
Tub Ring Webmaster
tanner at macomb.com

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