[Mailman-Users] need original HTML for public pages | subscribe email not working

Maria - Bohemian Sunrise maria at bohemiansunrise.com
Fri Aug 13 10:25:59 CEST 2004

Hi everyone - newbie here...just started with Mailman about 12 hours ago...
I did a silly thing - I changed the HTML code for 2 of the 3 public pages
without first saving it somewhere else. I'm fairly proficient in HTML (or,
so I thought)...Anyway, anyone know of a place to get the original code? I
checked the FAQ's and all that and didn't see any listings. Also, since I
obviously cannot figure it out on my own, is there a place where the HTML is
broken down a bit and explained for these pages? I know it's late, but the
stuff in the HTML and what shows up on the page isn't making sense to me. I
designed www.bohemiansunrise.com entirely on my own, using notepad (YUK), so
I have some idea of basic HTML, but would appreciate a little help on these
three specific pages - especially, with the MM-specific codes.
I completely destroyed the general info page (lost the unsubscription code
from the bottom - it's really all I want back). The subscription status page
is now static (it looks pretty, but is non-functioning as a status page). I
think the user specific options page is ok, as I didn't really touch it, but
would like to. This is really embarrassing - in all my years of design, it's
never happened - I ALWAYS save the original code before screwing around...I
guess I got cocky - that'll show me!
Thanks to you in advance for your help!
Here is my chopped-up general list info page:
Also - my subscribe email doesn't seem to be working...any ideas? This is
the error message I get returned to me, from the address I attempted to
<subscribe-bosudates at lists.bohemiansunrise.com>: host

lists.bohemiansunrise.com[] said: 550

<subscribe-bosudates at lists.bohemiansunrise.com>: User unknown

Thanks so much!!



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