[Mailman-Users] delete pending mails from shell

Tom Lee tom_lee01 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 18:44:46 CEST 2004

>At 4:07 AM +0000 2004-08-13, Tom Lee wrote:
>>  I have thousands of pending spam emails in a list for mailman 2.0.x, is
>>  there a way to delete them from shell command instead GUI? I really 
>>  want to check thousand times for "discard".
>	There might be some old patches on SourceForge to do this kind of thing 
>for 2.0.x.  Most of the command-line tools I know of for this sort of thing 
>were developed for use with 2.1.x.

It seems to me that all hold messages are located in directory

Can I use "rm" to manually delete them?

>	See the archives and the SourceForge patches for more info.
>>  Also, is there a way that I can change the mailman settings, in the
>>  future, non registered users posting email to mail list, they will
>>  get a bounced email saying they are not registered user to post mail
>>  and then discard the mail automatically. In other words, the
>>  administrator doesn't need to get involved to approval or disapproval?
>	Easy enough to do.  Just change the default action for non-subscribed 
>users from "hold" to "reject".


Under "General Options", I cannot find such an option to change the default 

Also, I tried to remove the list admin's email address from the website. I 
went to
"General Options", and deleted the value for The list admin's email address.
Then, I noticed under the bottom of the webpage, it will display
"xx-xxxxxll list run by". It looks good that the email address doesn't 
in the webpage anymore. But not sure how to remove the text
"xx-xxxxxll list run by"

Thanks for your help,


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