[Mailman-Users] Problems with --with-mail-gid and more than one group when configuring mailman.

Lucas Brasilino brasilino at recife.pe.gov.br
Thu Aug 19 16:12:41 CEST 2004

	I've searching around ml about this issue but haven't found
some information.
	I *must* configure mailman with two groups for running scripts:
mailman and nofiles (yep, I'm using qmail :) )
	When I run ./configure:

./configure <others-options> --with-mail-gid="mailman nofiles"

	Only "mailman" group is evaluated (the first one):

checking for mail wrapper group; i.e. --with-mail-gid... mailman

	Within configure.in I've found that "mailman other mail daemon"
are default group list, but again just the first one is evaluated.
	Is it a bug, a feature or I'm messing something? :)

	I'm using FedoraCore 2, bash 2.05b.0.

Thanks a lot in advance
bests regards

Lucas Brasilino
brasilino at recife.pe.gov.br
Emprel -	Empresa Municipal de Informatica (pt_BR)
		Municipal Computing Enterprise (en_US)
Recife - Pernambuco - Brasil
Fone: +55-81-34167078

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