[Mailman-Users] regular expressions/wildcards in remove_members?

Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Wed Aug 25 04:34:31 CEST 2004

On Aug 24, 2004, at 15:21, Adam Steer wrote:

> I'm wondering if it is possible to use regular expressions in
> 'remove_members'. I have a subscriber who has a curly quote in their
> subscribed address - which has thrown the web membership management
> interface for the relevant list off the planet, and I haven't been able
> to work around it any other way...
> The FAQ has an example with a comma - but curly quotes are another
> beast entirely....

No, bin/remove_members does not allow specifying subscribers with 
regular expressions.

You can use Mailman's bin/withlist to remove subscribers with 
ill-formed addresses.

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