[Mailman-Users] Mass settings

Allen Watson allen at circleofa.com
Wed Aug 25 18:54:19 CEST 2004

On or near 8/24/04 9:33 PM, Jim Tittsler at jwt at onjapan.net observed:

> On Aug 25, 2004, at 06:13, Allen Watson wrote:
>>> You need shell access to use withlist. If all you have is the web
>>> interface I suspect you'd have to go through and do it manually.
>> That's the case AFAIK. I'll have to inquire at Pair.com to see if I
>> can get
>> access.
> bin/withlist is the best solution.
> However if you don't have shell access, there is the kludge of
> *locally* scripting the web operations necessary to get your result...
> working entirely through the web interface.

Jim, thanks for all this info (deleted for brevity)...
> Given a list of subscriber email addresses (which you may be able to
> obtain by mailing the 'who' command to the list-request, although it
> sounds like you have a list that you mass subscribed)

It was the attempt to use "who" that uncovered the problem of everyone being
set "hide"; when that's the case, the "who" list is empty!

> For extra credit, you could scrape the users that need setting from the
> Membership Management web pages.
That's what I'd have to do...but pair.com simply un-hid everyone for me.
Still, I've saved your script for possible use later, modified for other

> Or use a shell script taking advantage of curl's -F option.
That escapes me. I read the man entry on the -F option, but I'm not clear
how I would use it. (Don't feel you need to explain. My experience with Unix
shell scripts is limited to some stuff I did about 30 years ago and a few
simple things done on my Mac OS X system.)

> I feel so unclean.

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