[Mailman-Users] WishList Items (Forced Msg from Digest, Confirm. of Approval)

Jeff Barger jeff at look.net
Thu Aug 26 18:27:59 CEST 2004

On Aug 26, 2004, at 11:56 AM, Mark T. Valites wrote:

> The department that is responsible for the list is leary of making all 
> the
> members of the list digest members, in case an important message needs 
> to
> be sent immeadiately. Even though we have a non-digested emergency 
> "911"
> list synchronized with the same recipients, they have no desire to use 
> it.
> If the list members were all set to digest members and the list owner 
> had
> the capability to force out an individual message immeadiately instead 
> of
> when the digest ran, they could deal with having most messages go out 
> in a
> digest. Pipe dream?

You _can_ force the digest to go out, if that helps your situation any. 
Otherwise you're better off using the '911' list.

> The head of our department periodically sends out email to mailing 
> lists
> for each of our residence halls on campus. All the lists are set up to
> hold messages from non-list members. Not being a list member, she can't
> tell if/when the message has been approved. Is there any way to set up 
> an
> existing mailman (2.1.5) install to send her acknowledgements of 
> if/when
> her messages were approved without adding her as a member?

Not that I know of. You can try adding her as a member and turn on her 
'nomail' and 'ack' flags. That would prevent her from receiving list 
messages but she would still be ACK'd, I think. Worth a try anyway.

> While more of a SSH issue than a mailman issue, perhaps someone here 
> has
> run across this issue and can help me out. I would like to set up a
> cronjob on a remote machine to periodically scp a bunch of files *to* 
> my
> mailman machine with key based authentication. The key based
> authentication fails because of the setgid bit on mailman's home
> directory. I realize I could either 'pull' the files from the remote
> machine or set up an additional user for the remote scp user to use 
> when
> scp-ing in, but neither of these solutions is optimal. Is there a 
> better
> way?

Of course I'm not sure exactly what you're doing, but I would script it 
out to where I was pulling the files, checking the integrity (because 
you never know) and then mv/chown/chmod  to the final location (and 
keep a backup of the old file as well).


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