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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat Aug 28 02:42:56 CEST 2004

At 9:14 PM -0700 2004-08-26, Handicapper.net wrote:

>  I have an opt-in mailing list of about 7,500 readers.  I need to send
>  e-mails at least weekly and sometimes daily, on occassion more than
>  one in a day.
>  Is there a way your service can help me?

	We don't run a service.  We're just a bunch of fellow mailing 
list admins at various sites around the world.  If you want a mailman 
hosting service, please see 

>  How long does it usually take to deliver this number of e-mails?

	Depends on the size of the list, how many users are at which 
sites, how fast those sites are, how fast their networks are, how 
fast your machine is, how fast your network is, if there are any 
problems in the network between your site and their sites, and a 
whole host of other issues.

>  Can can I be assured that the mailing list is kept private?

	That would be up to your provider.

>  How can users be added and removed?

	There is a web administration interface, but if you've got access 
to the command-line, there are also tools you can run there.  But you 
should talk to your hosting provider first.

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