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I have read through much of the online documentation as well as the
information contained within the program itself. This comment is not
intended to be a criticism, but the help information is written for people
who already know the program. I've read and read and still don't understand
certain aspects of it. Things that are simple and obvious to you are mystery
to me. It is easy for you to read and understand the FAQ and other support
documents. It is not easy for me to do so. Truth: A brain surgeon told me
that brain surgery is not difficult, once you know how to do it.

Thanks for your response.


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> Mike Phillips wrote:
> >That seems simple enough. I read article 3.5, and it offers a script to
> >solve a problem. Are they talking about the duplicate message problem
> >one person is on multiple lists feed from the umbrella list?)
> Yes, that is the problem the script is designed to solve.
> >What if someone tries to subscribe to the umbrella list. How do I
> >them from being able to do so?
> Go to the Privacy options...->Subscription rules for the list and set
> subscribe_policy to Require approval.
> >Thanks for your assistance. Obviously I'm not very experienced with
> It would help if you would go through all the admin pages for a list
> just to see what's there and also to read the FAQ index.
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