[Mailman-Users] Successful Panther (MacOS X 10.3) installation

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 steps for Mailman
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Good post on Mailman for Panther.

Truth be, I am *so* unimpressed with Apple on their handling of this. May be
it is just a European support issue but they have not one single clue about
how it runs or what happens when it does not - except to sell you their no
guaranty paid for support!

I really get sick of Apple when they make a hullabaloo about " woo-woo "
Open Source software and then ditch their clients with no support for it
afterwards. Zilch in the kbase last time I looked. You know, for a few
dollars more, they could have made this a truly Apple experience, the
trouble seems to be what with the NeXT guys on one side and the marketing
accountants on the other there is little Apple left! [ ... and all I am
talking about is making pretty and easily customisable ].

I was / am fighting with a Server based version.

Good luck,


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