[Mailman-Users] Unknown user- what am I missing?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Dec 2 09:37:39 CET 2004

>>>>> "Zain" == Zain Memon <hellbender at gmail.com> writes:

    Zain> I know for sure that the speakeasy email address is
    Zain> correct. I can get regular email on it.

Uh, what is your server's relation to speakeasy.net?  I don't know
Postfix, but that "virtual" relay strongly suggests to me that they're
the same machine or something like that.

Do you send that regular mail to speakeasy from the server machine?
If not, you need to try that.

    Zain> Since this is a production server, I can't really have some
    Zain> addresses that don't work; what can I do to get mail through
    Zain> to speakeasy?

FedEx?<wink>  You can't do anything forcible about some other guy's
machine refusing your mail.

If you can get some cooperation from speakeasy: It is known that some
(broken) spam filtering setups think that mail from Mailman is spam.
Also, it's possible that some content is triggering spam filters.
You'd have to ask speakeasy.net about their policies to be sure,
though.  If your machine is _not_ speakeasy.net, it's possible that
it's on a blacklist of some kind that speakeasy subscribes to.  It's
possible that your IP is part of a subnet that harbors lots of
spammers, or that your domain name has been abused by spammers, etc.

To test the hypothesis that it's something about Mailman, you could
subscribe your speakeasy address to this list and see if it gets

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