[Mailman-Users] A Simple Question about Duplicate E-mails

Andrew Gendreau gendreau at umd.edu
Thu Dec 2 20:19:28 CET 2004



I just setup a mailman server and it is working very well with the exception
of one thing.


Only one of the 50 something people on the list is receiving duplicate
e-mails.  I am sure that he is not on the list twice, I am also sure that
options for him such as "nodupes" are set and that Receive Duplicate E-mails
is set to no.


This isn't a problem whereby he receives two when someone replies to the
list, but rather he receives two whenever anyone posts anything to the list
for the first time.


I've tried removing and re-adding this user however that didn't work.


Any other suggestions would be very welcome.


Thank you,


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