[Mailman-Users] converted 2.0 moderated to 2.1.5

Dave Stern - Former Rocket Scientist dave at umiacs.umd.edu
Thu Dec 2 21:41:54 CET 2004

I'm converting a few dozen lists from an older install (2.1.12) to
2.1.5 and came across an interesting bug. We have some lists that
were moderated in the old style of 2.0   ie restrict-post-to-members
was set to NO and "special people" were added to the 
approval window.

After copying everything across as detailed in the archives and running
withlist and genaliases on the new server, I noted that the lists was
not set up as moderated and I had to do it manually.

* Is this a bug? feature? Is there a way around it?

* Alternatively, is there a relatively painless way to at least identify
such lists on the 2.0.12 side for manual conversion? (I'm guessing probably
dumpdb and some snazzy grepping. Since this will cross lines and thus be
a bit of a pain to script)

* BTW, the instructions for web redirections are flawed as the pattern-
match is not specific enough: If you move over a list called, "mine"
but leave a list called "mine-friends", guess what happens to the web
page redirection for the latter...

The way I've converted lists was:

-----------------------On old listserver----------------------
/fs/mailman/bin/list_lists | awk '{print $1}' |tail +2 \
    | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]' | while read LISTNAME 
scp -r /fs/mailman/lists/$LISTNAME root at newserver:/fs/mailman2/lists
scp -r  /fs/mailman/archives/private/$LISTNAME \
      root at newserver:/fs/mailman2/archives/private
scp -r  /fs/mailman/archives/private/$LISTNAME.mbox \
      root at newserver:/fs/mailman2/archives/private
scp -r  /fs/mailman/archives/public/$LISTNAME \
      root at newserver:/fs/mailman2/archives/public
scp -r  /fs/mailman/archives/public/$LISTNAME.mbox \
     root at newserver:/fs/mailman2/archives/public

scp /fs/mailman/tools/all-lists root at newlistserver:/fs/mailman2/tools
ssh root$newlistserver /fs/mailman2/tools/move-all

------------------On new listserver, move-all-----------------

#ya, ya, no comments about useless cat awards, I know better, I'm lazy
cat /fs/mailman2/tools/all-lists| while read LISTNAME

/fs/mailman2/bin/withlist -l -r fix_url $LISTNAME

cp /fs/mailman2/tools/request.pck /fs/mailman2/lists/$LISTNAME
chown -R mailman:mailman /fs/mailman2/archives/private/$LISTNAME
chown -R mailman:mailman /fs/mailman2/archives/public/$LISTNAME
chown mailman /fs/mailman2/lists/$LISTNAME

/fs/mailman2/bin/genaliases >/tmp/newalias.txt
echo "Append appropriate pieces of /tmp/newalias.txt to /fs/lists2/aliases"



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