[Mailman-Users] new list created for vhost but links use default machine name for lists instead

R Richman rrichman at shirotora.us
Tue Dec 7 01:39:24 CET 2004

Ok now that I have my other issues resolved (finally!) I now run into 
the problem with virtual hosts.  I have 3 lists currently setup on my 
Will call the server domain example.com, the working domain example2.com 
and the semi-working domain example3.com (hope that makes sense...)

I have a list that was put in place by my admin when he installed 
Mailman the links all work as they should ie 
http://example2.com/mailman/admin works and all the links w/n reflect 

I have another list which the admin links work, but they revert to the 
Mailman default in Defaults.py even though I have settings in mm_cfg.py 
that afaik match www.example3.com, example3.com in the add_virtual host 
that I read in the faq/Defaults.py page.

IOW  http://example3.com/mailman/admin/example3 works, when you click 
any link it goes to Mailman default of 
http://example.com/mailman/admin/example3 instead of 
http://example3.com/mailman/admin/example3  and when you choose show all 
Mailman lists for example3.com it shows the list I currently have setup 
for example3.com and the list currently setup on example.com  

I did set the general option preference for preferred host name to 
example3.com what I can't figure out is where I need to set the virtual 
host option(s) so that the pages will reflect the correct virtual host 
and not the server name (example.com).  I so far can't figure out what 
it is I missed that is not letting mm_cfg.py override the Defaults.py 
and I also ran mailmanctl restart and that still doesn't seem to help.

Anyone have some thoughts?


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