[Mailman-Users] How can I set *@aol.com to nomail or send invitations to same

ShiroTora Admin Account rrichman at shirotora.us
Wed Dec 8 17:59:41 CET 2004

I have 2300+ AOL users on a client list, all but about 500 or so are 
unconfirmed users (never opted back in) from my old mailing program 
(PHPlist).  Unfortunately I don't have a simple way (that I know of) to 
export a list of either the unconfirmed users only, or opposite, a list 
w/o the unconfirmed on it.  Unless there is a way via command line..

Anyway more to the point, I am almost thinking along the lines of 
sending out an "invitation" to all the aol.com emails (and having users 
opt in once more). or else, just set all the emails to nomail.  When I 
look at the membership management I can search @aol.com, but it only 
shows 1 letter at a time, and even then I still have to go 1 at a time. 

Can I either via command line or via web admin do either of these?  
Preferably invites as that would set them all to nomail wouldn't it? 


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