[Mailman-Users] Emergency! virtual.db not reflecting changes!

Evan Miller djfreak at beathustler.com
Thu Dec 9 02:56:52 CET 2004

Oh my god.  This is the hardest UNIX problem I've EVER run into.  8+ 
hours and going.

First of all, every time I make changes to Postfix's virtual file, I 
kill all my email and everyone starts getting rejected.  Horrible.  
Very very stressful.  How do I force virtual.db to reflect changes I 
just made in virtual WITHOUT KILLING MY MAIL?  When I type

postalias virtual

I get all kinds of errors.  Is that because my table is formatted wrong?

I just went to a backup all my postfix files again. Uggh.  I just 
missed important emails.

can someone PLEASE tell me how to update virtual.db and exactly what 
form that table is supposed to have data written into it.

In virtual I have the following

@beathustler.com	evan at localhost

BUT, in /Users/mailman/data/aliases

iT goes like this:

beat-hustler:             "|/Users/mailman/mail/mailman post 

Something tells me this "|/Users....... format is wrong for OS X 
Server.  Is that possible?  can I put

beat-hustler	mailman at localhost/mail/mailman post beat-hustler?

Why is my catchall taking the mail instead of my mailman aliases maps?  

Oh man this is the WORST.  I can't wait to fix this.

Thanks very much for all the continued support.


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