[Mailman-Users] problem with migrated lists

Jacob Walcik jwalcik at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 18:21:41 CET 2004

i recently migrated my mailing lists from my old mail server
(dastardly) to my new mail server (muttley), and i've run into a
little snafu.

i copied over my lists and archives directories, and then overwrote
the existing request.pck file in each lists' directory with one from a
locally created list.  i copied all of the aliaes from the old machine
into the new machine's alias database, and the lists themselves all
appear to be working.

however, when i receive an email regarding an administrative/moderator
action, or i look at either the admin or listinfo pages for any of the
lists, all of the url's are pointed at dastardly (the old server).  i
can understand why this is happening in the archives, but i'm unsure
as to why it's happening on the admin pages.  i've checked the
Defaults.py, which correctly has "muttley" listed as the
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and the DEFAULT_URL_HOST, and i've tried overriding
both of these values with "mail" in the mm_cfg.py, however it doesn't
appear to resolve the problem.

are the admin and listinfo screens stored statically somewhere?  i can
dump the configuration information for each list and not see any
mention of the old hostname, but obviously it's still being referenced
somewhere.  any suggestions?


jacob walcik
jwalcik at gmail.com

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