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Anthony Chavez acc at anthonychavez.org
Sat Dec 11 02:08:12 CET 2004

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On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 15:36:51 -0800 Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:

> Anthony Chavez wrote:
>>Not sure how to get at the number of "avoided duplicates," though.
>>Could you elaborate?
> If a regular member's options include "nodupes" and the member's
> address is in a To: or Cc: header of the post, Mailman will not send
> the post to that member.

Here's where this gets interesting. ;-)

I myself subscribe to this list, have the nodupes bit set, and see
"Receive your own posts to the list? Yes" in my configuration page.  I
receive copies of my own posts.  Would that be because I'm the owner?

The other subscriber *also* has the nodupes bit, also sees "Receive your
own posts to the list? Yes" in his configuration page.  He *doesn't*
receive copies of his own posts, yet everyone else does.

> This does not seem to come into play here as
> the number of regular members is 58 and the number of smtp recipients
> is also 58, thus we don't have to account for any "missing"
> recipients. If we did have to account for missing recipients, we would
> have to see if any regular members were in To: or Cc: headers before
> concluding there was a problem. This is what I meant by "minus the
> number of "avoided duplicates"".

Understood, thanks.

> In your case, it is simpler. There are 58 regular members, all of whom
> are receiving mail and mailman claims to have sent the post to 58
> recipients. So far, so good.

Actually, I re-analyzed the logs just now and it turns out that there
had been an unsubscription between the time that this message was
relayed and the time that I ran list_members.  Therefore, the recipient
count should be considered to be 57, which accounts for the fact that
his post wasn't sent back to him.

>>Nevertheless, tracing through the Postfix log for that particular post
>>also yields 58 recipients.  This strikes me as very odd since the sender
>>is a non-digest subscriber.
> It seems to agree with Mailman that there were the expected 58
> recipients, thus the issue seems to be on the outbound side of Postfix.

Possibly, but I can't help but thinking that the problem lies in
Mailman-space, since Postfix would at least record an attempt, yes?

>>Thanks for your assistance.  Any further thoughts as to what could be
>>causing this?
> You could look at Mailman's bounce log to see if anything bounced for
> this member, but presumably you would have already seen it in the
> Postfix log if it had.

No bounce recorded.

> Perhaps the member has a filter at his end that treats the message
> differently if it is From: him. Perhaps some kind of spam rule that
> assumes a message From: him that is not explicitly addressed (To: or
> Cc:) to him is SPAM.

Highly doubtful, since the message is not getting past my MTA. ;-)

Thanks again.

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