[Mailman-Users] Need help desperately - Problem logging in

Bob Branch rbranch1 at rochester.rr.com
Sat Dec 11 16:33:56 CET 2004

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From: Mark Sapiro [mailto:msapiro at value.net]
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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Need help desperately - Problem logging in

Bob Branch wrote:

>I have 3 lists running at 3 different domains.  The following is common to all
>I have to log in each time I change to a different category.   When I change a
>to different category  I get the log-in screen and when I log back in I am now
>in the category I desired.
>An added symptom is even though I am in as administrator any changes I make do
>not take effect.
>Any idea what is going on?  I did check my cookies and they are enabled.

This FAQ may help-

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I have checked the link you gave me above , no help.
I did further tests they are:

1 - The problem exists only on this computer.  If I go to another one it works
2 - I restored my computer back to an earlier date  (I am using XP) and every
thing worked .
3 - I turned the cookies off and I could duplicate the problem.
4 - BUT over the last week the problem came back.

Something must be messing with the cookies - Any Ideas?
Do you know where the cookies are placed and what the name of them are?


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