[Mailman-Users] How Change "English (USA)" to "English"?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Dec 15 01:40:11 CET 2004

Nick Urbanik wrote:
>In the mailing list subscription page, we see:
>Which language do you prefer to display your messages? 	 English (USA)
>I do not know how to change this.  It is not appropriate here in
>Australia.  How do we change this?
>On the languages administrative page, the only English option is
>"English (USA)".  There are about 26 other non-English languages
>listed there.
>mailman-2.1.5-26 on FC3.
>$ echo $LANG

Do you just want to change the name of the language from "English
(USA)" to "English" or do you want to create a new translation from US
English to Australian English :-) ?

Do do the former, you could put

add_language('en',    'English',       'us-ascii')

or if you prefer

add_language('en',    'English',       'utf-8')

in mm_cfg.py.

To do the latter, see the README-I18N.en document in the mailman
distribution and/or http://www.list.org/i18n.html

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