[Mailman-Users] Not All Subscribers Receiving Daily Email

Easy Easy1 at waterplanet.ws
Wed Dec 15 03:33:04 CET 2004

I added a new mailman list with 4 subscribers. One of the subscribers 
was the same earthlink address as the 600+ subscriber email list.

When a messages was sent to both lists - the earthlink subscriber ONLY 
received the message from the 4 subscriber list.

Seems Mailman is cablable of getting the message out at least on a small 
list. Any idea what the threshold is?

Any other tests that can be done to futher isolate this pesky issue?


Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 10:20 AM -0800 2004-12-14, Easy wrote:
>>  - NOT ALL subscribers of any of the ISPs are being rejected. Many
>>  subscribers on ALL the ISPs are receiving the daily email just fine.
>     Many ISPs will apply different anti-spam processing rules for 
> different recipients.  Many recipients will not be aware of any 
> anti-spam processing rules that are being used by the system on their 
> behalf, or how their actions can modify those rules.
>>  - Some 250 of the subscribers are now on a Topica listserv. They ALL
>>  receive the daily email each day. When the same message is sent to the
>>  mailman listserv some of these 250 subscribers do NOT receive the 
>> email.
>     This is an indicator that at least part of the problem may somehow 
> lie within Mailman, but since you're using cPanel, it's going to be 
> very difficult to determine where the fault may lie.
>     Of course, if the Topica mailing list is not hosted on the same 
> physical and virtual machine as the Mailman mailing lists, then there 
> is always the chance that anti-spam rules will be host-specific and 
> not applied the same between the two systems.
>>  - Emails sent directly to the subscribers, from the same email address
>>  that is used to send to the mailman listserv get through just fine,
>>  though email sent through mailman does not get to them.
>     Again, these messages are not coming through the same system, and 
> the same anti-spam rules may not be applied by the recipient machines.

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