[Mailman-Users] How to 'export' mailman subscriber list

Kevin W. Gagel gagel at cnc.bc.ca
Wed Dec 15 17:37:18 CET 2004

About six months ago there was a huge thread about rates of
email to hotmail on the postfix list. A search in their
archives should reveal what your looking for.

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> >This is a very important thread here.  I just sent 1200
> emails and none >of my hotmail subscribers seem to have
> gotten their emails and I think >this is exactly why.
> >
> >So does anyone know how to address max mails per
> transaction in >Postfix?  I'm going to go and add this
> question on that list. >
> >Thanks Mark
> >
> >-evan
> Hi Evan,
> Take look at the sample-rate.cf file which should be
> located in the directory as the main.cf file.  The
> default_destination_recipient_limit parameter is probably
> what you  are looking for here.  Although the
> default_destination_concurrency_limit may need some
> tweaking if the ISP is just measuring total number of
> messages coming in.
> However, Hotmail probably won't divulge such details. 
> They seem to randomly block/discard/cutoff messages from
> the Mailman on the server I admin.
> -Sean
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