[Mailman-Users] How to 'import' Communigate lists to mailmansubscriber lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Dec 16 03:16:31 CET 2004

Steven Jones wrote:

>Has anyone done this?

I know nothing about Communigate lists, but I have imported subscriber
lists from other services. Assuming you can "export" a subscriber list
from Communigate, it should be no problem.

>If so how was it done? and did you have any issues?

I used the web Membership Management...->Mass Subscribe page, but
bin/add_members might be easier if you have command line access. In
either case, you need to split the list into a digest list and a
regular list. See


for the format of list entries. With bin/add_members, you can give both
lists to one command invocation. With the web page, you first set the
default for new members (on the Digest options page) to "digest" and
then process the digest list - then set the default to "regular" and
process the regular list.

I had no problems.

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