[Mailman-Users] 100s of copies of the same mail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Dec 17 02:09:10 CET 2004

Jim Newton wrote:

>i recently set up a mailing list of about 1500 subscribers.
>and then i sent a couple of test messages.  now many people
>are complaining to me that they are getting several hundreds
>of copies of the test messages every day and it has been
>about a week later.
>Will anyone vollunteer to help me figure out what
>is going on here?

You set up the list and subscribed 1500 people of which some (a few, a
hundred, more?) are clueless about e-mail lists. 1500 people get the
test message. Some (see previous sentence for number) reply to the
list saying don't send this to me. Now all 1500 subscribers get those
messages and some reply saying "I didn't send it, I'm getting them
too, stop it". And on and on it goes.

Set emergency moderation for your list on NOW! and discard all these
replies as the come in before they reach the list.

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