[Mailman-Users] No address associated with nodename

John W. Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Mon Dec 20 21:01:40 CET 2004

On 12/19/2004 21:32, "JP Kelly" <listuser at jpkvideo.net> wrote:

> I have mailman 2.1.5 installed on OSX Panther with exim as the MTA.
> When mailman attempts to send messages I get the following message in
> smtp-error log:
> Low level smtp error: (7, 'No address associated with nodename')
> nothing appears in the exim/MTA log.
> any ideas on what to do or where to look?

Not really.  The string 'No address associated with nodename' doesn't appear
in either the Mailman code or the Exim (4.43) source.

The word nodename doesn't appear in the Mailman source...it appears 4 times
in the Exim source, but given the four contexts, that doesn't seem relevant.

So it's likely being looked up in some generic error file, by someone.

You might want to add some logging in your Exim configuration.  Best
discussion is in Philip Hazel's "red" book on Exim (the one published in
England, not the O'Reilly book which covers an old version of Exim).

For example, putting

log_selector = +smtp_connection
will log lines for each start and end of an SMTP connection.  You might
learn something from that output.  (Aside from the Exim book, the selectors
are also listed in the doc/spec.txt file in the Exim source code directory,
and in HTML form at
(go to section 45.45 either via the contents page, or via the options,
log_selector in the left frame).


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