[Mailman-Users] Feedback/ideas on Mailman

Admin at dDH boyd2003 at ddh.nl
Mon Dec 20 18:55:55 CET 2004


I'm not a programmer, but maintain many Mailman lists. We run version 
2.0.11 on a Debian server.
I'd like to give input somewhere on some problem solutions we've came up 
with and ideas for problem solving.

Right now, confronted with loads of spam to list -admin and owner- 
addresses, I'd like to propose 3 possible measures:

- Not putting the -admin adresses in every header, but a web link
   (possibly: a general, multi language help page)
- Doing the same with -request addresses. Does not reach the owner, but
   can be a subtantial load for the server.
- Being able to change the owner- and -admin part on a per list and
   per server basis. (Example: change -admin to -2004admin or
   maintainer03, etc.) In that case, putting the addresses in the header
   would not do that much harm, you can change it
- A automatic, not publicized mailing list of all list-owners on a
   server, for announcements, support etc.

Boyd Noorda


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