[Mailman-Users] Mailman contractors

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Dec 28 03:58:35 CET 2004

From time to time I get requests for Mailman installation or
customization help, often for compensation.  This is not something I do
so I usually have to turn people down cold, or tell them to email these
two mailing lists.

However, such requests are coming in more often these days, so I wonder
if it makes sense to try to collect a list of people willing to provide
Mailman services.  I would not be willing to recommend anyone
specifically, but I would be happy to point such requests at say, a wiki
page where people can self-register.

What do you think?  We can either use the FAQ or we can use the
Python.org wiki.  I'd rather not be in the loop so I don't want to use
the static list.org pages.  I think we as a community can self-regulate
this list.


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