[Mailman-Users] Auto RSS Feeds from Mailman

Mike Gifford mike at openconcept.ca
Sun Feb 1 03:16:17 CET 2004


A while back I came across this mailman2rss tool:

I was informed by one of this script's authors that mailman was going to
be developing this capacity internally.  I wondered when it was going to
be released (and documented).  

I would like to use this feature, but couldn't find any reference by
searching the site:

I'm also keen to learn if mailman can manage to export rss feeds for
private lists..  I don't want these available to the public, but would
like to make rss feeds from private lists available to internal

In anycase, please let me know.  I understand that going through
mailman's auth isn't as simple as posting something to an http auth

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