[Mailman-Users] RE: Period Mailings; Like Birthday Announcements using Mailmail

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Sun Feb 1 19:32:22 CET 2004

doug wrote:
>I've been using Yahoo Groups, but have tired of the all the ads. So, I've
>setup a mail list using MailMan.
>However I really miss the ability to have monthly and yearly e-mails
>automatically sent. Is there anyway to automatically send e-mails to the
>list on specific dates in the future?

      Mail man is open source, so you can add anything you like - if you 
know how.  I've been playing with this a bit - I was going to use the edit 
html pages to make it easy for list managers, but so far I've not cracked 
it.  Another option, probably a better one, would be to set up a PHP 
calender program and add links to it on some of the admin 
pages.  Unfortunately learning PHP is still on my to do list.

<>< Paul

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