[Mailman-Users] moderated, read-only list, pending queue numbers

Dean Karres karres at itg.uiuc.edu
Mon Feb 2 19:13:43 CET 2004


I have just installed MailMan 2.1.1.  I have been testing it for a
couple of days and am pretty happy so far.  This morning though
something happened that concerns me a little.

My test list is moderated.  It is as read-only as I can figure out how
to make it.  *All* postings to the list are moderated, even the list
owner & moderator's messages are moderated.

I have been sending various test messages to my list.  As the moderator 
I get moderation alert messages in return.  The list of messages to
moderate all have numbers from 1...N.  So, I have been moderating the 
test messages and have sent one last one.  I return to the "Tend to
pending moderator requests" page from previous tests and just hit 

Instead of refreshing the display and showing me the new message pending
moderation, it appears as though it applied the "accept" operation for
the previous request.  My test message went out to the list technically

Ok, I don't know the underlying mechanism so I'm making a WAG here.
I am assuming that each pending message gets a queue number based on 
it's arrival order in the current, unmoderated queue.  If this is the 
case, is there a way to change this number to a monotonically increasing
integer [i.e. a unique message number] for each message instead of
resetting the numbers to "1" each time?

I'm guessing that this might prevent the page-reload / apply the last
operation on this unsuspecting message problem.


              Dean Karres / karres at uiuc dot edu / itg.uiuc.edu

                  Imaging Technology Group / Beckman Institute
                             University of Illinois
                    405 North Mathews / Urbana, IL 61801 USA

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