[Mailman-Users] list creators password and aliases problem

Detlef Neubauer detlef.neubauer at charite.de
Tue Feb 3 16:16:22 CET 2004

Arpadffy Zoltan <zoltan.arpadffy at essnet.se> writes:

> 1.  how to set list creators password (version 2.1.4) in order to use cgi
> interface for list creation?


> 2. is there any substitution/workaround for old 2.0 versions newlist option
> -o /etc/aliases that inserted automatically required aliases into aliases
> file?
> Seems 2.1.4 does not have this option... moreover it prints lot of
> information massages that do not allow direct redirection of the output to
> /etc/aliases file.

Mailman does it automaticaly in $MAILMANHOME/data/aliases.

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