[Mailman-Users] Extract or dump of subscribers from mailman?

Richard Frenkel rich at ibfx.com
Sat Feb 7 18:52:40 CET 2004

Hello mailman-users,

  I would like to dump/extract all subscribers (emails only is OK)
  from my mailman list as a backup. I'm the list owner. Is there a
  utility to do this or something I can code without root on the

  PLEASE answer to me directly rich at ibfx.com as I don't want to
  subscribe to another list.

  Another comment: this question may have been asked before, but there
  is no search capability on the archives that I can see. That would
  be very useful. It would seem more useful to place this archive into a
  newsgroup since newsgroups can be searched.

Best regards,
 Richard Frenkel                   mailto:rich at ibfx.com

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