[Mailman-Users] Mail Queue

David A Boothe davidboothe at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 21:03:02 CET 2004

     I have a client who has a miling list with about 6,000 subscribers.  When he sends out mail, about a dozen emails show up in the mail queue.  It appears that the system is breaking the send of the mail to the list into that many individual emails with several hundred address in each.  These mails tend to saty in the queue for days.  When I look at the queue and view the contents of the email I see the following at the top of eah mail...
root 0 0
<ListName-bounces at mydomain.com>
1076191410 0
-helo_name hostname
-host_name localhost
-received_protocol esmtp
-body_linecount 47
YY address1 at hisdomain.net
NN address2 at herdomain.net
NY address3 at abcdomain.com

     Why do these emails sit in my mail queue for days?   What do the "Y/N" at the beginning of each of the subscibers email addresses mean?

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