[Mailman-Users] Need help w/ mailman, qmail

Adam Wozniak adam at cuddlepuddle.org
Mon Feb 9 18:23:45 CET 2004

I upgraded a machine this weekend to redhat 9 (shrike)
removed sendmail
installed qmail

installed mailman 2.1.4 with

./configure --prefix=/var/mailman --with-cgi-gid=apache --with-mailhost=cudd
lepuddle.org --with-urlhost=cuddlepuddle.org --with-mail-gid=nofiles

python appears to be 2.2.2

modified httpd.conf

added to /var/mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py:
SENDMAIL_CMD = '/var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject'

All the web pages are there, but if I try to mail to a list from my shell,
or subscribe a new person to a list from the web interface, no mail gets
sent out.

normal mail (users sending/receiving/etc... with pine or whatever, not
going through mailman) works fine.

/var/mailman/logs is empty

/var/log/mailman/error says only:
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/mailman/lists/umbra/config.pck.last'
Feb 08 16:46:02 2004 (3781) couldn't load config file /var/mailman/lists/umbra/config.pck

[lots of those types deleted, I understand they are normal when upgrading]

Feb 09 02:31:25 2004 qrunner(31300): Run one or more qrunners, once or repeatedly.

Each named runner class is run in round-robin fashion.  In other words, the
first named runner is run to consume all the files currently in its
directory.  When that qrunner is done, the next one is run to consume all the
files in /its/ directory, and so on.  The number of total iterations can be
given on the command line.

Usage: /var/mailman/bin/qrunner [options]


    -r runner[:slice:range]
        Run the named qrunner, which must be one of the strings returned by
        the -l option.  Optional slice:range if given, is used to assign
        multiple qrunner processes to a queue.  range is the total number of
        qrunners for this queue while slice is the number of this qrunner from

        If using the slice:range form, you better make sure that each qrunner
        for the queue is given the same range value.  If slice:runner is not
        given, then 1:1 is used.

        Multiple -r options may be given, in which case each qrunner will run
        once in round-robin fashion.  The special runner `All' is shorthand
        for a qrunner for each listed by the -l option.

        Run each named qrunner exactly once through its main loop.  Otherwise,
        each qrunner runs indefinitely, until the process receives a SIGTERM
        or SIGINT.

        Shows the available qrunner names and exit.

        Spit out more debugging information to the logs/qrunner log file.

        This should only be used when running qrunner as a subprocess of the
        mailmanctl startup script.  It changes some of the exit-on-error
        behavior to work better with that framework.

        Print this message and exit.

runner is required unless -l or -h is given, and it must be one of the names
displayed by the -l switch.
Feb 09 02:31:25 2004 qrunner(31300): 
Feb 09 02:31:25 2004 qrunner(31300): No runner name given. 

Is there a troubleshooting checklist anywhere?  Where do I look for problems?

Please help, I need to get this thing going quickly.

adam at cuddlepuddle.org        http://cuddlepuddle.org/~adam/pgp.html
"The dinosaurs are not around today because they did not have a space program."
  -- Arthur C. Clarke

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