[Mailman-Users] mailing list backup

kaio123 at softhome.net kaio123 at softhome.net
Tue Feb 10 00:14:59 CET 2004

Hello folks,
I am a newbie and a dumbo when it comes to the mailman. I have a problem 
that i dont know how to fix.
I have a mailing list on one of the servers and would like to move my domain 
to another provider. I would like to get all the emails in my mailing list 
so that i can send them mails and also store them in my personal outlook 
adress book. Is there a way for me to extract this mailing list emails from 
the server. Your help would save me a lot of hrs and angry mails from my 
mailing list folks. 



Adam Wozniak writes: 

> On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Richard Barrett wrote:
>> Use the default SMTPDirect for _any_ MTA, including sendmail. Regarding 
>> the Sendmail module the following is a quote from $prefix/Defaults.py, 
>> so it is best not to use it:
> Ok, using SMTPDirect.  Is this ok too: 
> SENDMAIL_CMD = '/var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject' 
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