[Mailman-Users] can i hide an internal host that hosts mailing lists?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 11 13:11:58 CET 2004

  (i'm new to mailman, and still working my way through the FAQ and docs,
so if there's a simple URL that addresses this, that would be just ducky.)

  can i set up one or more mailing lists on a concealed, internal host so
that no one needs to know the actual name of that host?

  i have an internal host, internal.yoyodyne.com, that is not and should
not be visible outside of yoyodyne.com.  it's a fast, reliable machine,
the perfect host for a mailing list or two.

  i'd like these mailing lists to be visible to both internal users and
external users, but not by that name.  instead, i'd like to establish an
alias -- lists.yoyodyne.com -- that everyone can use.  that's the name
that people should be able to use to browse to the mailman web interface,
subscribe, unsubscribe, get admin messages from and so on.  but so far,
it's proving to be a bit tricky.

  even after the company admin set up DNS and virtual hosting to create
that alias, mailman still insists on using the actual internal name in
some situations.  if you browse to lists.yoyodyne.com, the top of the
page says "internal".

  if you subscribe to a list, the confirmation message asks you to reply
to "internal.yoyodyne.com".  

  is it possible to *completely* conceal the internal name of a mailing
list host?  during configuration, i did my best to avoid using the 
internal name and used only the "lists" name, but i'm assuming that
mailman is invoking "hostname" or something to that effect somewhere
along the way.

  can this be done?  thanks.


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